Falling in Happy

Do you ever sit and think about how lucky you are? I do and I highly recommend it.

I recently had this epiphany (with some outside help).

Life is allowed to be easy.

I would feel defensive when people would say things like:

  1. You’re so lucky
  2. Count your blessings
  3. If your life is easy, be grateful
  4. Things are easy for you

Looking at those statements they are all positive. I am lucky, I do and should always count my happies, life is great and it is easy for me to do the things I want to do. This is all incredible. Yet, I would feel defensive. The automatic defense this sent me into has since dissipated all because of the realization that life is allowed to be easy.

I felt bad before that my life is, well, what it is. Now, I’m wondering why everyone doesn’t go ahead, go out and GET HAPPY.

My journey started about a year ago with the words, healthy, happy, free and safe. These were the words I wanted to bring into my life. I knew the only way to get healthy and bring feelings of happiness, freedom and safety into my life was from the inside, out. Started with 4 little words. A year later, I’m in a new city, starting another chapter of life where I am indeed, happy, healthy, safe and free.

Now, I’ve got new goals I’m fostering and setting.

I wish everyone would do this but I’m doing what I can do, I’m doing it.

I’m settled in a new home, in a new city. I’ve been in Japan for just over two years and Numazu for 3 months. My new home is near beautiful beaches and mountains. My home is coming together. As you may know…my living space tends to be…childlike. I have changed in the past two years and my living space is now getting energized and upgraded to catch up to me, Rachel, in 2020. I’ve gotten rid of things that no longer fit, things I think i’ll get around to wearing, making, or fixing and the “stuff” that clutters my life. I look forward to going home to a place I previously (slightly) avoided.
It is an exciting time in my life and I hope it is in yours too.

Fall is here. I’m loving the weather.

I’ve taken up snorkeling, bought a customized wetsuit and I am going to get my diving certificate! ADVENTURING!

Welcoming the joy, new experiences and all the abundance life offers.

Less is more.

Go on, get happy.


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